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The Sims 4 Mobile

The Sims 4 Mobile, already. After eleven expansions, numerous item kits, new worlds and a packed online shop, The Sims 3 is retiring to let the fourth generation of the most famous life simulation game of all time blossom. Once again, we’ll have to start from scratch and relearn how to take care of these ever more realistic virtual men. Except that this time, the licence seems to be really out of breath, Only at ApkCorner.

The Sims 4 Mobile: Simsplaining

As with previous episodes, part of The Sims 4 Mobile begins with the famous character editor. Welcome to the modern world: goodbye to the little rulers, the Sim is modelled directly like a clay statue to make it do exactly what you want it to do. After a little time of adaptation, you become a real little potter god, able even to create children, but now also random parents or siblings thanks to the magic of genetics and add them at any time in the home. Alas, if all this turns out to be quite ergonomic and a little less tedious than before, some of The Sims 4 Mobile’s possibilities have simply disappeared. We still have make-up, accessories, different styles depending on the activity (daily, party, sleep, sport…), voice intonation, but we no longer have, for example, the management of hair, no more colour or favourite food or astrological sign. Don’t worry: you can always modify the breasts of Sims women, to create beauties as natural as Indra. And it’s even possible to choose a specific approach among a dozen pre-recorded steps.

In the skull of our The Sims 4 Mobile, there has also been a change. The personality traits have been retained, but there are now only three per Sim. It’s a bit of a shame since each Sim is now a little less “unique” from that point of view. To these basic traits is added the usual aspiration, that is to say, the path the Sim will want to follow in life: starting a family, becoming an artist, jumping on anything that moves or accumulating a real fortune… There’s something for everyone, and this activates a fourth bonus feature. To fulfil an aspiration, one must now accomplish several small successive missions, which will finally unlock a new personality trait. This new system is well thought out, but it quickly comes into conflict with everything that needs to be managed in daily life (the missions are given by work, the needs to be satisfied, social relations…). It should be noted that it is nevertheless possible, quite, strangely enough, to change one’s aspiration at any time. This is always practical, even if it makes the Sims look like weathervanes.

The Sims 4 Mobile

A new look for a new city

There is the physical, there is the mental, and there is the style. Wardrobe has always had an important place in The Sims series, and this episode rather honours its predecessors by offering a wide selection of clothing. Once again, there’s something for everyone, and undecided minds will even be delighted to learn that there are predefined looks that allow you to have class in a click without going through the apology box. Alas, it is impossible to save a style that you create yourself to be able to use it on another Sim. And even worse: you can no longer personalise the patterns and colours of your clothes as in The Sims 4 Mobile. This great feature, which gave the player unlimited possibilities to express his creativity, has simply been dropped, even for the furniture: a real blow. Fortunately, clothes and objects always come in alternative colours. We haven’t lost everything yet, even if there is a reason to feel cheated already.

Proud of the little family you’ve created, you can save it in the library, but also send it to other players more easily than before. If the sharing tools already existed with The Sims 4 Mobile, they are here a little better integrated and allow you to download new homes, new houses, new community lots, and even new rooms imagined by all the ValĂ©rie Damidot’s from all over the world. The teams behind the game are also on the lookout for the best content imagined by the players to highlight them and offer them to the community. The social features added throughout the career of the previous episode, therefore, find for the most part their counterpart, including sharing on Facebook or the successes, called here “success stories”. But let’s get back to our game: here we are, the family is ready, it’s time to move to the new neighbourhood. And hang on to your desk chair, because that’s where it really gets messy.

Everyone in the pool!

Goodbye Sunset Valley, your azure coast, your year-round sunshine, and above all your open district. The Sims 4 Mobile offers the player to start his game in not one, but two neighbourhoods: Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. The joy of this discovery suddenly fades away in the face of a huge disappointment: the open neighbourhood, with no loading time, allowing you to see everything that’s happening in real-time and to follow a Sim in the park and another one at home at the same time, all that’s over. What was the major breakthrough of The Sims 3, which blew away all the limitations of The Sims 2, has simply been swept aside? Instead of the open area, there is a sadly drawn little map, and each area is now divided into small zones of four or five lots, just like the console version of The Sims 3. And as with the console version, you have the impression of playing a limited version of the “real” game. This is probably the most astonishing change in The Sims 4 Mobile: a real regression that once again confines The Sims to their own home.

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