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Secret Neighbor Mobile

Secret Neighbor Mobile is a game of action and infiltration in the straight line of Hello Neighbor of which it is stand-alone. The events of this title take place between act 1 and 2 of its predecessor. However, here, the multiplayer dimension is in the spotlight since one of the participants is a traitor in disguise who will have to be hunted down.

As for Secret Neighbor, it’s an action and infiltration game in the Hello Neighbor lineage; in this multiplayer title, you’ll have to track down the traitor hiding among you as you try to rescue a friend kidnapped by your obscure Secret Neighbor Mobile.

Secret Neighbor is a suspenseful multiplayer horror game in which children want to free their friend from the basement of the sinister neighbor. The problem is that the neighbor is pretending to be one of them.

The facts lie between Act 1 and Act 2 of Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor Mobile.

Children try to break into their sinister neighbor’s basement to save their missing friend. The problem is that a traitor has crept into their ranks: the Secret Neighbor Mobile is posing as one of them. His goal is to gain the trust of the other players and betray them at the last moment. The children win the game if they reach the basement.

Secret Neighbor Mobile: Child

– Collect keys

– Save your friends from the clutches of your Secret Neighbor Mobile

– Cooperate while remaining on guard

Secret Neighbor Mobile: Neighbor

  • The house is your domain! Use it to separate, frighten and disorient intruders.
  • Use your gadgets to take the children’s team in reverse.
  • Gain the trust of your enemies and attack at the last moment.
  • Protect your basement!

Two basic tips :

  • If you play “child”: Cooperate! This is the indispensable basis for survival. Always stay in groups of two (at least) and you’ll easily manage to escape from the naughty Secret Neighbor Mobile
  • If you play “killer”: Capture the children away from the others as quickly as possible! Don’t hesitate to do everything you can to isolate them, or use the Secret Neighbor Mobile “in-game” voice to cover your tracks.

Afterwards, I hope the developers will stay active and we will propose new content as we go along (new maps, new classes, new skills, new game modes, new costumes, etc.).

After playing Secret Neighbor Mobile for almost 20 hours, I think my evaluation will be legitimate.

I’ve never tried Hello Neighbor, but I was pleasantly surprised by this new opus whose gameplay can make you think of DECEIT, or even Dead By Daylight. Before giving you my global opinion, I will detail the positive and negative points of the game, in my opinion.

The PROS :

  • Interesting and refreshing graphics
  • A very exciting and exhilarating general atmosphere
  • A game based on cooperation and mutual aid
  • A voice chat that allows for a better immersion
  • A variety of playable classes that complement each other quite well
  • The possibility to “farmer” the gold coins to buy permanent skins, renewed every day in the game store.
  • Rather interesting skills for the Secret Neighbor Mobile
  • A rather successful sound environment

Secret Neighbor Mobile

The CONS :

  • A load sometimes interminable when one of the players does not have a good connection in “fast game” (if the problem comes from there).
  • The absence of penalties for players who leave the game early when they do not play as the neighbor (a behavior that handicaps the rest of the team).
  • The same for the players who leave when they are captured, which does not grant pieces to the neighbor for the capture…
  • A lack of ergonomics for the opening of certain pieces of furniture (the upper drawer of small chests of drawers for example)
  • Paid skins (real money) when the game is already paid for basic.
  • A single map, for the moment
  • It happens (very rarely) that players get stuck in the background, preventing them from moving, but this is more of a bug and can certainly be fixed later.


Overall, Secret Neighbor Mobile is a very good game! I don’t understand this wave of negative evaluations, especially when the authors have played so little. The concept of “pass” cards to open the doors adds a little spice to the adventure because, once you know the house well, finding the keys is not really a problem, especially if you play as a group! Moreover, if you play with friends, it’s even more fun!

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