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My Summer Car Mobile

My Summer Car Mobile is a game that can drive the carefree player crazy, because of his physique, but above all because of the controls that come straight from the underworld. I would be lying if I said that I immediately fell in love with the game. I bought MSC in 2017 or 2018, probably on a whim, I played it for ten minutes and I uninstalled it, without taking my eyes off it, for fear it would jump down my throat.  And then, I don’t even know why I reinstalled it for a week or two ago. And I had an epiphany. I really did. I saw the light, like John Belushi in The Blues Brothers. It’s an absolute killer, the best cash game in the universe. Because it does a simple thing that no other crate game does: it makes us build our crate from the first screw to the last screw. By hand. From assembling the suspensions to assembling the engine, from the electrical connections to checking the levels. And he does it all in a completely locked universe, as funny as it is creepy, between Les Deschiens, Tati and Deliverance. BUT WHAT IT IS THAT My Summer Car Mobile IS A KIND OF MIRACLE IS 9A???? Ahem. I’m getting lost Continue reading only at ApkCorner.

My Summer Car Mobile Controls

Basically, you can play on the keyboard/mouse, the pad or the steering wheel. Sink. Some YouTubers play exclusively on keyboard/mouse. Honestly, it hurts for them. I more than warmly recommend playing the foot phases on keyboard/mouse and the vehicle phases (all vehicles) on the pad or, if you have one, on the wheel. You can do as you wish, I don’t understand why people drive at the keyboard. Besides, driving on My Summer Car Mobile is very demanding. Here, the gearboxes are manual and the country roads are lined with corpses. Seriously, at least drive to the pad. Well, afterwards, we’re in a democracy (yes, no, this is absolutely not the place to debate), you do as you please… But I’ll come and check it out.

I’ll come and check it. Now that I’ve sold you the controller, I must confess something: Johannes Rojola, the developer of MSC (known on Steam under the pseudonym ToplessGun and on YouTube as RoyalJohnLove), ‘forgot’ to assign the camera to the right stick of the pad. Oops. On the steering wheel, I can’t tell you, I’m not lucky enough to have this device and fuck you. So, when you’re driving at the joystick, you can’t turn your head, you can only turn your vehicle.

My Summer Car Mobile

Nothing complicated in My Summer Car Mobile: I just assigned the camera movements UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT to the cardinal directions of the right stick. It’s a bit stiff but it does the job. You can change my settings as you wish. I understand, after doing my thing on JoyToKey, that Steam offers this kind of trick by default… I’ll let you search, I’m not Google.

For foot controls, you’ll probably want to reconfigure the default settings. There are a few commands, like REACH, TALK, FINGER or SWEAR, that you’d better have pretty quickly in your fingers. You will bend over a lot, talk a lot (try to) talk, make a lot of bad gestures with your middle finger held high and swear a lot (in Finnish). In short, all of this can be ‘remembered’ very simply in the options, there is no trap. Just be careful, if you plan to install a lot of mods, some of which, perhaps, will require to be activated or configured in-game, to leave keys for those mods. For example, I have assigned the I key of my keyboard to the CARRY MORE mod inventory (see MODDING).


Another thing to understand before you get into My Summer Car Mobile: contextual modes. We start with HAND MODE and CAR TOOL MODE. These are the two modes for grasping objects. By default (when you arrive in the game) HAND MODE is activated. This is the mode that allows you to grip all the objects of everyday life, from a sausage blister to a binouze, a seal, a hammer, an axe, an envelope, a radio-cassette (it is 1995), etc. The CAR TOOL MODE should be activated during your DIY moments and will allow you to grasp the hand tools specific to the assembly of your crate (screwdriver, spanners, spark plug spanner, ratchet, etc.). Where the game is a bit vicious is that it forces you to constantly switch from one mode to the other, sometimes grasping a part of your engine (HAND MODE), sometimes screwing it (CAR TOOL MODE). Yes, by the way: screw, certainly, but, screw BOTTOM  Beware, I’m not joking: only one screw, only one nut a bit loose, and it’s the breakdown in a short campaign-and-better than to go back to the ground- I would have better-buy the-last-Mc-Millen… TIGHTEN YOUR SCREWS AND NUTS. À FOND As for the rest, alternating between modes, you get used to it quickly, and it’s finally part of the fun of My Summer Car Mobile.

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