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Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile

After a long wait, the license that has often been a figurehead for Microsoft since the 80s is about to take off again, with the Bordeaux-based Asobo Studio at the helm. The giant Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile is finally lining up on the runway and preparing to begin a new flight, which we hope will take it far and high.

An Innovative Approach Linking Beginners And Aficionados Alike

If in the past flight simulators were often austere and unattractive to the general public, it would seem that for this new edition, Microsoft is seeking to redefine the genre, by making the game much more accessible. Whatever your level, whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will be comfortable in this new Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile. One of man’s oldest dreams, to fly, is reaching out to you, and to do so, the Redmond editor offers reworked ergonomics. Indeed, Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile features a simple and neat interface that doesn’t require any special equipment. If you have an Xbox One controller or similar, it will be perfectly possible for you to use the game and enjoy yourself without worrying about the complexity once inherited from Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile. And if you’re a seasoned franchisee, you can rest assured that Microsoft is not turning its back on the most hardened gamers, quite the contrary. Indeed, the title offers many aids and settings to help you adapt your piloting to whatever your level. For example, if you don’t want to manage the radio, don’t worry, Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile offers a virtual co-driver. The latter will be able to manage certain actions, and even the piloting, letting you be a simple passenger. Because the important thing is not to arrive but to go towards. The title will enrich the Xbox Game Pass’s already extensive catalogue, which should attract a new clientele, curious to try something new.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile Open World

This reworked ergonomics invites the player to discover a vast and rich world. Yes, the world is huge and full of treasures, and this beautiful setting that is Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile will allow you to discover all these wonders. In just a few clicks, you can go wherever you want, without restrictions and wherever you go, the scenery modelling is breathtaking. Choose your plane, your place and you are transported to another universe. The world literally reaches out to you.

Even if the interactive map is easy to use, we would have liked this intuitive approach to go even further by proposing why not the names of cities, river, lake or other points of interest allowing you to easily find your way around. A satellite mode like a classic Google Map would have been judicious. Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile also suggest destinations that can be interesting to discover new places. The possibility to directly enter GPS coordinates in the search is a very useful addition especially to overcome the current weaknesses of the world map.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile

Once your itinerary has been drawn, all you have to do is a travel and this is almost the motto of this new version. Indeed the world is vast and beautiful and never in a Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile this aspect has been so much emphasized. To do this, the developers have equipped themselves with powerful tools such as the Azure servers from Microsoft or an artificial intelligence from A real technological melting pot! And the result is breathtakingly realistic.

These tools have made it possible to carry out tasks that would have been impossible to undertake a few years ago. You evolve on a complete world entirely based on photo-realistic textures provided by Bing Map, all streamed from Microsoft’s servers. This data does not require any subscription and will be constantly improved over time through almost monthly updates, according to the editor. Unfortunately, currently, some areas do not seem to have received all the technological treatments. For example, between Perpignan and Tarbes is the natural park of the Ariège Pyrenees and this zone does not have vegetation cover, leaving the naked texture visible. Only a few houses line these landscapes and they are far from representing the real capabilities of Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile. It is assumed that eventually this will be corrected via updates.

These free updates will therefore allow us to fine-tune this kind of flaws and should add in our environment custom 3D buildings such as castles, lighthouses or other must-see tourist places. Seasons should come later, again via free updates. Currently, the only winter is represented in Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile: Asobo Studio says it wants to do things right and not be satisfied with a simple colourimetric change of Bing Map textures. During an interview, the studio revealed to us that they want to go very far in the process of the seasons, for example, taking into account the migration of fauna. To be seen.

The Adventure Has Just Begun

Some gambling cities have received special treatment. For the first time, Microsoft offers photogrammetric cities. Numbering 400 at the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile, they are modelled using 3D scanners in order to recreate authentic cities down to the smallest details. The publisher hopes to add this type of cities in future updates. As with previous versions, Microsoft wants to collaborate with the incredible community and therefore offers all users an SDK or development kit that allows anyone to create any type of scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile. The choice of the glTF format should help in this respect. It will even be possible to create your own zones in photogrammetry using an adapted material. The adventure is just beginning.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile Weather

Revolutionizing the decor on the ground could not be done without a similar revolution in the sky. To achieve this, Asobo is once again proposing a total overhaul of the way clouds and atmospheric effects are generated. Gone are the clouds displayed in 2D, now it’s time for the volumes that will give all the voluptuousness of a cloud bed. The latter has a real presence in Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile and will not disappear as they did in the previous opus. These clouds, entirely in 3D, can be displayed over a distance of 600 km and can be spread over 32 layers.

Each layer will have repercussions on those below (shadows, rainbows), and all this is calculated in real-time and thus sculpts the landscape. Thus, from one weather to another, your flight experience will be different. These multiple layers evolve in a realistic way allowing you to feel their beauty and especially their dangers. A mountain flight has never been so striking with the consideration of all types of winds, including the terrible downdrafts, which can turn you around in less than a second. Passages in the clouds may have consequences on your plane. Icing and rain will hit your aircraft.

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