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Farming Simulator 19 Mobile

Farming Simulator 19 Mobile license ends its 2018 year with a complete overhaul of its graphics engine and a garage with more than 300 vehicles designed to help the player to carry out his life as a farmer. That’s what the title published by Focus is all about since you have to develop your farm in order to earn enough income to allow for new developments. With the many activities on offer, can we recommend this new vintage of Farming Simulator 19 Mobile?

About Farming Simulator 19 Mobile

The most famous farmer simulation is back for an edition that doesn’t deny its Serious Games pedigree. The principle remains the same since it is still asked to transform his small farm into a farm that is not to be missed in the region, among the two proposed (“Ravenport” in the United States and “Felsbrunn” in Europe, very classic). As a manager with a checkered shirt, you will have to buy land and equipment, take care of the land as well as the crops, manage the staff or even guarantee animal husbandry while keeping an eye on the finances. In quarry mode, three categories are available at the beginning of the game (“New Farmer”, “Farm Manager” and “Starting from scratch”), varying the basic state of the farm as well as the money made available, and the overall prices. “Start from scratch” is an option reserved for the most patient and is to be considered as the highest difficulty that can be selected. Despite the presence of six tutorials and a more assisted career at Ravenport, the novice may spend long hours trying to understand what to do and how to do it. Farming Simulator 19 Mobile struggles to broaden its target audience and focuses on players who are already familiar with the series and the farming world.

A bit of culture

Farming Simulator 19 Mobile allows you to grow 13 types of plants such as wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, corn, oats, oilseed radish, potato, sugar beet, poplar, sugar cane and cotton.

The Seeds Of The Past

The regulars will therefore be delighted to find what has made the charm of the series over the episodes, namely rather complete management of the land of a farm. The fields have to be ploughed and the seeds have to be sown with the right tractor and trailer. In this episode, weeds that grow along with the crop have to be treated with a weeder or sprayer. Tractors have two possible equipment spaces located at the rear and front of the machine, which the player must manage by switching from one to the other. On consoles, the controls of the implements are sometimes quite complicated, due to key combinations that do not facilitate handling. For example, an articulated arm can have contextual controls depending on the trigger held: the orientation on “LB”, the height on “RB”, and the opening of the clamp on “LB” + “RB”. Whether sowing seeds or spraying herbicide, it is necessary to fill up your equipment before leaving on the land.

Farming Simulator 19 Mobile

As we know only too well, agriculture meets the same needs for improved yields as most other trades. The difference here is that this is done through manure and fertilizer spreaders, or even slurry tanks. After different harvesting cycles, the field needs lime to ensure optimum yield. In Farming Simulator 19 Mobile, nothing is lost, everything is transformed! The hay is harvested by mowing the grass and then drying it, thus allowing for the feeding of sheep and cows. The bales can also be sold, as can the crops, machinery and farm buildings. Unlike a classic management game, the player is rarely put under pressure. He does have time to calmly think about how best to expand his farm. If finances run short, a bank loan is more than advisable, as financial institutions in Ravenport and Felsbrunn lend very easily. The various filters to be activated on the general map provide precise information on the state of the land, and the farmer has the choice of putting his logs into silviculture or livestock farming if he feels like it.

The Field Of Possibilities

Despite the new graphics engine used, the technique of Farming Simulator 19 Mobile is not nearly as gleaming as that of a brand new Valtra S Series. The load is noticeable, the light effects are unconvincing and the textures lack detail. At the wheel of a vehicle, the physics of the vehicle’s engine is not convincingly handling collisions, while the fluidity is not always there. Sounds, on the other hand, remain poor. To sum up, this episode is very similar to Farming Simulator 17, and we would have liked to see real improvements in the animation, artificial intelligence (of both traffic and workers) and the impression of life emanating from the levels. Except for a few birds flying away here and there, dynamic weather and a few machines on the roads, it’s all pretty austere, even for a simulation. Visual and collision bugs tarnish even more the observation on the technique. Do-it-yourself installations also suffer from irritating errors if the terrain is not a minimum of flatness.

Multi-person harvesting in Farming Simulator 19 Mobile

Farming Simulator 19 Mobile has a multiplayer mode playable at 16 on PC and 6 on game consoles. You can cooperate or create competing farms as you wish. Note that you can choose the language in the selected filters.

The improvements are nevertheless present, although discreet. With the arrival of new crops and horse breeding, which implies horse rides at the player’s will. The menus have been dusted off and various features available through mods have been directly integrated, such as destructible crops (which can be disabled in the many options). Contracts, varied and properly presented, are to be taken into consideration in career mode to win a few extra euros. If there are some welcome novelties, we note the disappearance of several objects to be placed such as water towers, solar panels or wind turbines, surely in order to better balance the income. As in the previous Farming Simulator 19 Mobile, the modders are expected at the turn to compensate for the absence of the basic game.

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