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While fans are waiting for him on several fronts, Respawn Studio is surprising his world (or almost) on this Monday, February 4th. Because no, their new game “available right now” is neither the AAA RV shooter announced at the Oculus Connect 2017, nor even the potential sequel to the excellent Titanfall 2, a little angel released too soon, and even less the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order announced at the E3 2018. No, their secret title (at least until leaks occur over the weekend) is called Apex Legends Mobile, and its concept may at first glance be a bit of a gossip. It’s nothing less than a Battle Royale, Free to Play, espousing a Live Service philosophy. In other words, EA wants, through it, to reach the juicy market that for more than a year has been swearing by Fortnite in this category of business model. Does it have what it takes to successfully challenge the Epic Games spearhead? That’s what we will see on our review at ApkCorner.

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale

For those who are not already familiar with the concept of the Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale, you should know that it is a multiplayer game rule in which a large number of opponents face each other, with equal chances at the beginning of the game, and must win by surviving “to the end” alone, in pairs or in groups. For Apex Legends Mobile, however, the title is only playable in teams of three. This means that you will have to hold on until you or your team have no opponents left. In order to do this, after the drop from the top of the game card, you will have to loot equipment and weapons, manage your first confrontations, cooperate with your allies and move around taking care not to be too exposed. Movement is a necessity in the Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale because the playing area will be constantly shrinking and will systematically draw the teams towards each other, in order to force confrontations and to respect a maximum playing time, set on Apex Legends Mobile around 20 to 25 minutes. So that’s it for the basics, let’s now tackle the specifics of the title.

Apex Legends Mobile, at first glance, sounds as if Titanfall 2 had bequeathed its gunplay to the heroes of Overwatch in order to create a very co-operative PUBG-killer, Rainbow Six Siege style, with a light atmosphere reminiscent of Darwin Project. When you put it like that, it all sounds rather generic and rather improbable. However, once in play, we quickly grasp the references and the different key features that Respawn studio has identified in these titles in order to forge Apex Legends. From Titanfall, the whole gameplay base (except for wallrun, walljump and titans) is exported here in Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale mode, which includes a lot of mechanics such as the grappling hook and holographic lures. The latter have been grafted to one of the 8 characters with a clear-cut characterisation: the Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile

As in Overwatch and R6 Siege, it is their complementarity that lays the foundations of teamplay: an essential notion in Apex Legends since the title is currently only played in teams of three Apex Legends Mobile. A tactical bias which fortunately can be based on a very sophisticated communication system, based on “pinging” on various elements, and which allows you to quickly transmit information without necessarily being at the microphone with your teammates. Finally, let’s not forget that we are here on a free to play and that the main part of the model is based on cosmetics (skins, emotes, and customisation elements) which drastically reinforces the desire to show off, and also goes through the environment in which the fights take place. Apex Legends Mobile takes place in an organised show where huge banners present the different teams, a little bit everywhere on the map, announcing here and there “who has weakened who” or “who is now the MVP to beat” to get a nice reward. The legends are therefore at the heart of the adventure and their characterisation is essential: it is crucial to understand who you are facing in order to adapt your way of playing and to anticipate his next move…


Each legend in Apex Legends Mobile distinguishes itself by its style of play, identified by 3 skills, one passive, systematically activated, a so-called “tactic” that can be globally invoked every 15 seconds, and another much more efficient one: the ultimate. Among the heroes available for launch (who will be joined by others as the seasons go by) are the characters to put on the front line: Bangalore, the elite soldier who loves aerial bombardments and smoke launchers, Gibraltar, the tank adept at shields, sometimes inactive skill and sometimes in passive, which brings it very close to the heavy soldier of Battlefront 2. At their side is support, Lifeline, which opts for deployable care and epic loot dropping as its ultimate skill. Caustic, on the other hand, can set gas traps everywhere, creating a whole toxic and crippling zone that can be turned upside down in a gunfight. More atypical and less dependent on a good team play, we will note the presence of Bloodhound, Mirage, Pathfinder and Wraith in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound, with his samurai/plague doctor look and his pet crow, is a born tracker. He hunts his victims by analysing their footprints, for example by notifying his allies that someone has recently opened a door, before recharging at a certain place a few seconds ago. It’s a real pleasure to play it and there’s a little Evolve or Monster Hunter side to this phase of perpetual pursuit in search of clues. The outcome of this stalking is the meeting with the enemy, sometimes in a group, sometimes in sexuality and its “ulti” of prey hunter makes then sense because Bloodhound develops during 30 seconds its speed, its flair, its sight, and its power: enough to make a worrying opponent of it. Mirage, as for him, it is the bluster that characterizes him.

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