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BeamNg Drive Mobile

Anyone who has ever played a Burnout 3: Takedown knows that it’s quite pleasant to destroy a vehicle voluntarily and in its entirety. Who can claim not to have tried every possible stunt to pulverize their car in a Grand Theft Auto? Who hasn’t wondered what almost exactly would happen to a car that was thrown at full speed straight into a concrete wall? Well, BeamNg Drive Mobile might answer these kinds of questions.

About BeamNg Drive Mobile

BeamNg Drive Mobile is a car simulation taking place in a sandbox-like universe, and boosted by realistic physics. Developed and edited by BeamNG, the game is available in Early Access on Steam since May 29, 2015, and a free demo can also be downloaded.

Hello, My Name Is Bender

Let’s start with what really makes the strength of BeamNg Drive Mobile, namely its ability to crumple the sheet metal of its vehicles with a certain perfection. If you’re a fan of chaos, you’ll certainly spend most of your time finding the many ways to crush your motorized vehicle or trying to drive it in the most pitiful of states.

We are talking here about twenty vehicles and even if the number sounds rather low, we must take into account the quantity of “torsion points” implemented in each part of them (doors, engine block, bodywork, etc.). BeamNg Drive Mobile even offers us dozens of micro applications that we can have and add as we wish. These range from a simple speedometer to more advanced measuring tools. Even if the game doesn’t have this pretension, it could easily be assigned a role on the road safety scene. Without going so far as to distribute it free of charge in driving schools, it is realistic enough to raise awareness, especially during sudden collisions that leave little room for imagination as to the fate of the driver. Luckily for our fragile eyes, car interiors are empty of occupants. You can then create all kinds of accidents by changing dozens of parameters such as the gravity that can be adjusted, revealing what an accident between two trucks would look like on Mercury.

BeamNg Drive Mobile

On Occasion, I’ll Give You A Little Polish

The other important aspect of BeamNg Drive Mobile is the customization of its entire automotive catalogue, which can be changed from top to bottom. Rear seats are useless to you? so get rid of them. Have fun removing or adding suspensions, bumpers, doors and more. We’d also like to acknowledge the great freedom offered to the modding community, who have already been quick to concoct quite a bit of extra content, offering us more vehicles, objects and maps. Yes, because in addition to vehicles, there are all kinds of items to put on the map, such as stepping stones, obstacles and much more.

As for BeamNg Drive Mobile scenario mode, it remains anecdotal with uninspired challenges. However, it gives us the possibility to do some rather funny races against the AI but this is certainly not the strong point of the game. Moreover, an application in the free mode already allows us to add artificial intelligence as we want. As in most sandboxes, it’s your CPU that will be damaged. The more vehicles you make appear, the more your framerate will run out of steam. Nevertheless, since we are on a PC, a lot of graphical settings are available to us.

Our impressions of BeamNg Drive Mobile

With no real purpose, BeamNg Drive Mobile is a huge automotive Sandbox that will delight those who find beauty in chaos and will enchant the followers of realistic physics for sure. Still, in Early Access but in constant evolution and already playable in good conditions, it is certain that has put the bundle in its almost exact restructuring of collisions between vehicles and we can not say that the competition is tough in this area. It is therefore for the moment the reference in the field of sheet metal crumpling.

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