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Rocket League Season 2 Mobile

How would you like to immerse yourself in a futuristic sport skilfully combining football and motor racing? This is what Rocket League Season 2 Mobile offers, an atypical title worthy heir to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, from the same developers. A bit repetitive, not really innovative compared to its ancestor on PS3, we have the right to ask ourselves in 2015 what this revamping of the crazy concept of the football car has to offer… Fasten your seatbelt and hold on, we’re back in the Rocket League Season 2 Mobile!

About Rocket League Season 2 Mobile

Let’s first talk about the very principle of Rocket League Season 2 Mobile, which must intrigue many people. To put it simply, you are here in closed and symmetrical arenas, real competition stadiums with goals at each end. In the centre of the arena is a huge sphere which serves as a ball. Your goal, as you’ve probably guessed, is to push the ball into the cages of the opposing team (blue or orange) and beat them. The opposing team can be composed of one, two, three or four opponents. The playing field is dotted with power-up zones that allow you to recharge a turbo gauge, which can be used to move faster on the different maps that make up the title.

In the event of contact with an opposing vehicle, and believe me, this will often happen, it is the one that will hold up the most. It is possible to explode or make his opponents explode, and in this case a fast respawn is set up to keep Rocket League Season 2 Mobile fluid. Several tricks can be used during the game and overall the gameplay is very simple and intuitive. You can move around, use the turbo, move the camera around or lock it on the ball, make skids and jump (single or double) to do pirouettes in the air and boost your actions. There you have it, you know all about the concept of the title. But once in play, does it work?

An Exhilarating And Effective Recipe, Ideal For Multi-player Games!

After having tested a few games with bots at a very questionable level in the early stages of difficulty, one will very quickly try to play a full season against the AI, a not really exciting mode that spreads over several weeks of tournament play. It’s an opportunity for us to unlock a host of customisable elements for our vehicle: models, paints and accessories are all part of the game. Soon enough, we say to ourselves that facing real humans a little more “realistic” than the different AI levels would be a good idea… So we find ourselves on a rather efficient matchmaking tool on PC, which proposes games with several players (up to 8 in 4v4), classified games up to 6 in 3v3, split-screen up to 4 players and of course online with friends through a group system.

It is in fact through these multiplayer escapades that the title takes on its full meaning and that one uses pirouettes and double jumps with more or less skill to direct the ball with talent towards the cages. At each goal, a replay is available and it is also possible to save and watch the matches with various camera angles so that you can enjoy the matches with your friends. After a few setbacks at the launch, both online and in terms of optimising the title on PlayStation 4, Rocket League Season 2 Mobile looks set to be the perfect little game to play at parties with friends, just for a few hours of fun, while training online from time to time to raise your level and unlock all the content.

Rocket League Season 2 Mobile

Having moved to free-to-play format several months ago now, on September 23rd to be exact, Rocket League Season 2 Mobile will be hosting its famous Season 2 in a few days time. The special thing about it is that it will be nothing less than a celebration of music, introducing a new customisation option called Player Anthems, new songs and content from the Grammy-nominated EDM artist Kaskade, a new Rocket Pass, and an all-new arena. Here’s the rest of the details:

Rocket League Season 2 Mobile Features


This new customisation option will allow players to select and play Rocket League music in the arena after scoring a goal. More information on the anthems will be revealed tomorrow on the Rocket League website.


Psyonix has teamed up with a long-time partner and electronic music label Monstercat and renowned producer Kaskade to create an EP of songs for Rocket League Season 2 Mobile. “The first song, Flip Reset, currently playable in this gameplay and on streaming platforms (here) and included in season 2 trailer.”. Others would be accessible during the season in cascades of music and material.


This season’s Rocket Pass includes music-themed items, some of which will vibrate and flash to the rhythm of the menu and arena music! For all those who unlock the Rocket League Season 2 Mobile Rocket Pass Premium, the properly called R3MX car and over 70 levels of exclusive pieces are eligible.


With on playlists and private matches, this new EDM-based arena will be open.

  • Rocket League Season 2 Mobile LABS

Rocket Labs will return as an occasional limited-time playlist throughout the season.


New competitive rewards, challenges, improvements in quality of life and changes to the e-sport shop are also coming in Season 2. More information on the changes to the e-sport shop will be available at the beginning of next week.

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