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Doom Eternal Mobile

Doom Eternal Mobile Four years, that’s what we had to wait for before plunging back into the hell proposed by id Software in 1993. FPS expert for almost 30 years, the studio delivers today a new opus of its saga which aims at doing “the same but better”, but does it manage to do so? That’s what we will see only at ApkCorner, Big Fucking Gun 9000 in hand…

Doom Eternal Mobile, THE DOOM SLAYER

If the scriptwriting approach of Doom 2016 was particularly “trenchant”, preferring to skip a constructive scenario in order to prioritise the frenzy of gameplay, then innovative in many ways, Doom Eternal Mobile rebalances its qualities. The id Software Doom Eternal Mobile offers here a simple but well-crafted story allowing the player to travel through a real crusade against the underworld, which will take us from Earth to Mars via Phobos, but also through many territories linked to the history of the peoples who oppose each other here. Even those less familiar with the lore of Doom Eternal Mobile (because yes, there is one) will find something to their liking and will be pleasantly lulled by the almost biblical story, which is interesting to follow and rather well written. On the other hand, it will sometimes be necessary to hold on, since the terms and names may rain down without having been “yet” explained or presented via the Codex. Rest assured, without digging into everything, you will have understood the essence of the scenario from your first exploration.


These numerous peregrinations of the Doom Slayer through Doom Eternal Mobile will also allow you to take a look at artistic creations that are frankly very well developed. We discover demonic titans frozen in their last efforts, cathedrals with well worked stained-glass windows: all along with the game the world design treats us and proves to be varied, which clearly changes us from the very monotonous atmosphere of the remake of 2016. Doom has therefore learned to be less conventional in its plot and levels. In addition to the panoramas and various area discovery sequences, where we will enjoy stopping for a short while to admire the landscape, there are of course the combat phases, which we will come back to later in Doom Eternal Mobile.

Doom Eternal Mobile

Then, there are the traps, the “enigmas” (don’t worry, nothing very complex) and the many hidden secrets that will give the less organised a bit of a struggle during the first run of Doom Eternal Mobile. However, it is possible to return to the levels already explored, taking advantage of the passive detection features that tell you the location of map stations, for example. Finally, for those who love challenges, you should know that the title includes arena challenges, distributed throughout the levels, but also an alternative, much more difficult versions of the explored passages. These little “extras” will be accessible via the Fortress, Doom Eternal Mobile hub that will gradually unlock and allow you to train, unlock different armours or admire your “testosterone gamer’s room” with pop-like figures, skins, electric guitars, books on demons and a workshop to make your weapons shine.

Combine all this with a daily challenge system and mechanics close to the usual free-to-play grind, rewarding scoring with a few cosmetic prizes and you get Doom Eternal Mobile that, just solo, will bring you more than 25 hours of content if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to leave anything out. Players who don’t fall into this category can, however, project themselves over 15 or even 20 hours, depending on their interest in the story of the episode, which offers a lot of reading and artwork to tell its plot.


But where this Doom Eternal Mobile is very strong is in its gameplay, incredibly fast and nervous, which sometimes plunges us into a destructive trance. To be completely honest, there are few games where the action had put us under such pressure, while not forgetting to ask us a bit of good sense to target the right enemies with the right weapons and to always keep an eye on our ATH and on the environment. As before, the system works on a triple resource: life, ammunition, armour.

in Doom Eternal Mobile Life is obtained via the GloryKill, these spectacular killings that are triggered as soon as an enemy wobble and start flashing blue or orange. Once killed, the opponent will release precious health points. Then there is the armour, in green, which is obtained by literally burning your opponents with your dorsal flame-thrower. While burning, your enemies will drop the armour plates. The same thing happens when you chainsaw your opponents, who will then release a quantity of ammunition of several types. Usually, these will be compatible for two different weapon models: it will be up to you to choose which model to prioritise, depending on the specialisations and alternative shots available.

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