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Yandere Simulator Mobile compared to combat games, horror games, role-playing games, action games, choice games and fashion games, there is one that really stands out from the rest, Available now for Android & iOS at ApkCorner.

When I started playing Yandere Simulator Mobile, I saw this game as “a banal psychopathic high school girl’s game”. I immediately got hooked, even though those around me probably didn’t understand why I liked this violent, gory, aimless game, in short, a “destructive” game.

What I liked most about Yandere Simulator Mobile was simply that Ayano (the main character in the story) resembled in every way the style of the character I identify with.

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The principle of Yandere Simulator Mobile is centred on a love-sick schoolgirl who has an obsessive crush on a boy at her school. She will compete against ten rivals to get the boy’s attention and will do whatever it takes to make sure she beats them while appearing to be an innocent schoolgirl.

Yandere Simulator Mobile A story of obsession

Yandere is a Japanese word for a girl who conduct sinks into obscurity but who is fond of and loving at the beginning of a relationship.

She becomes obsessive, overprotective, violent and mentally unbalanced.

Yandere-chan, the main protagonist in Yandere Simulator Mobile, has to be ordinary and not be captured by criminal behaviour. It must preserve its prestige, maintain a good reputation of professors and other pupils, and escape the mistrust of Senpai, its lover.

Stealthily sabotaging other students

Yandere-chan is ready to use any means necessary to destroy her rivals. She is ready to gossip, lie, betray, kidnap, trick or torture to keep them away from her man.

Other more permanent methods of removal are poisoning, drowning, electrocution and incitement to suicide. She uses weapons such as a kitchen knife, a circular saw, a baseball bat and a samurai sword.

Yandere Simulator Mobile

A crush went wrong

We all remember the love at first sight that we used to have in school-age and the intense feelings we had for our object of affection. You can relive those times and indulge in fantasies of destroying your rivals in the most creative and brutal ways. What’s more, for Yandere Simulator Mobile is rich in content and detail.

About Yandere Simulator Mobile

Yandere Simulator Mobile is about a high school girl who would have been born without any sentiments Being younger, her mother reassured the father that she too had been like that before, when they were the same age as her daughter.

She kept explaining to Ayano that one day she would find someone who would make her feel ‘complete’. In Ayano’s childhood, her mother often gave her indirect messages about how to get rid of a bloodstain, for example.

So Ayano is a high school student who does everything she can to pretend to be like everyone else, partly because she doesn’t want to make her father sad at the sight of her lack of emotions.

She smiled and pretended to be sad when one of her “friends” was crying. That was until one day… when she met Senpai.

As her mother had told her, from the moment Ayano met Senpai, she felt “complete”.

However, he was the boy that everyone fell in love with. But Ayano was willing to do absolutely EVERYTHING to have him all to herself.

So this is where the game begins.

Yandere Dev makes it clear that Yandere Simulator Mobile is not suitable for children and is not recommended for children under 13 years old. He also tells us that he is adamant that it does not incite violence at school and that he is against all types of violence at school.

There is not yet a way to win Yandere Simulator Mobile because, as I said earlier, it is still being developed, but the aim is to eliminate all of Ayano’s rivals (10 in total) as well as people who would like to get in his way. To eliminate and kill not an indeterminable number of means.

Before I started playing Yandere Simulator Mobile this was how I saw things Dismemberment, poisoning, kidnapping, torture, incitement to kill, simulating fake suicides or deceiving people to achieve one’s ends, this was my vision of the world of Yandere Simulator for two years.

It was in fact when I started to get into the story that I understood. On the surface, Yandere Simulator Mobile is a kawaii, girly game, full of pink and beautiful colours, cherry blossoms and characters full of life.

When Ayano starts killing with a weapon, her mental health becomes very hectic.

It is from the moment she starts to commit murders that the atmosphere of Yandere Simulator Mobile becomes… dark.

All the students are dressed in black, the way to school is foggy, beautiful colours are replaced by black, grey and white.

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