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READY TO RUUUUUMBLE! Massive pectorals, protruding biceps, a melting room and a padded ring, welcome to the small world of wrestling. A real phenomenon in the United States, the discipline still has its admirers in our country and its own annual iteration. Whereas WWE 2K19 was generous without being a reference, WWE 2K20 mobile is expected to be more spectacular and surprising, like everything that makes the salt of Wrestling that we love. A timely test, the WWE returns to France for the WWE Live in Lille.

Moved like a Hell in the Cell. That’s how we could qualify the launch of WWE 2K20 mobile in the arena, pointed out by many players on the technical quality of the title. Plagued by numerous bugs, the beast has been announced as cured by a recent patch that didn’t put out the fire: Take-Two recently complained about disappointing sales at launch. So excluding the Japanese from Yuke’s and entrusting the development to Visual Concepts, a good idea in the end?

About WWE 2K20 mobile

In terms of WWE 2K20 mobile content already, the regulars of the series won’t be out of place, especially those having touched the 2K19 menu. The Showcase, a retrospective that looks back on the history of a great name in the world of wrestling. Daniel Bryan was the star of the show last year, leaving the Four Horsewomen in the era of the “Women’s Revolution”. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley are the heroines of this fun adventure, a journey through the history and key moments of this shock women’s team.

In addition to the Showcase, we find WWE 2K20 mobile Towers already present in the last opus, theme fights that unlock one after the other. Nothing revolutionary, fans of fast games will be delighted to see the gargantuan number of possible fights. Hell in a Cell, Last man Standings, TLC, fights up to 8 superstars without forgetting the mythical Royal Rumble, everything is there to serve the best possible wrestling experience on paper. Brawls outside the classic rings are accessible, but with only one arena for the moment (the boiler room). Customisation, a tool appreciated by purists, is the banner of the title, because the universes (customisable calendars of a season with Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live or created event), wrestlers, moves, entries, arena are entirely configurable. The most creative will find, for sure, their happiness.

WWE 2K20 mobile


In short, the menu is tempting but doesn’t really present any novelties except for the new career mode that we will discuss below. Frileux, a synonym of most recent big sports simulations, and WWE 2K20 mobile dives into it. Worse, it stagnates in its atmosphere like last season despite the departure of Yuke’s. The entries and animations are more than repetitive and are a brake for the animation, a climax in a sport-show setting. The same problem, the graphic engine is ageing, far from the visual slap that an NBA 2K can offer. A perfect transition to talk about the omnipresent technical problems of the title.

Because what strikes the most is the number of bugs or visual problems that affect this 2019 vintage. In combat, we often got stuck on an attack that kept repeating itself until the opponent reacted, or missed some combos, due to some unlikely collisions on the set. Visually, the most recurrent bugs were revealed during certain catches in the ring (the stairs being “traced” on them), or via the hair of the characters. In addition, the application crashed several times on PS4 during this test, and it was sometimes impossible to download certain works from the community without restarting the game. All this after the release of patch 1.02, which was supposed to fix the major problems. A clarification on the number of possible moves and holds, the darkness on the gameplay stability.


Concerns that rub off on the general execution of the game, starting with its main modes. No or very little staging for the WWE 2K20 mobile Towers when there was material, it’s a bit spotty. The Showcase makes up for this with archive footage combined with interviews of the wrestlers, a rather pleasant effort. The career mode on the other hand does too little to satisfy completely.

The latter reshaped for the occasion invites you to create two budding wrestlers: a man and a woman, friends in college. Comrades obsessed by the desire to become professional wrestlers, with a list of goals to accomplish. A scenario and construction in the end rather dull, without reaching the references of the genre, and there again blackened by some visual bugs… during the cinematics. One will especially retain the small addition of a skill tree to be completed as events and scenario go by, to boost its two stallions and they’re more than complete customization system.

WWE 2K20 mobile Money In The Bank Mode

Sport and Take-Two is a thorny question of virtual currency (or VC). A policy definitely assumed on the side of the basketball simulation NBA 2K20, and present in the previous opus. Here too, there is nothing new on the subject, the most attractive superstars can only be played with a certain number of VC spent, between 3,000 and 5,000 for the bulk of the wrestlers. These include the Undertaker, Batista, Shawn Michaels… These are the greatest historical stars, a rather frustrating point for the impatient who wish to quickly relive the legendary WWE 2K20 mobile fights. Some arenas and belts also pay off in this sense.

Another use of VCs in Career mode is the My Player Launch packs. However, you need to acquire tokens via the VCs to then open certain loot boxes and obtain provocations, banners, emblems and bonuses to progress more quickly. If the method is above all cosmetic and much less pay-to-fast than NBA 2K (the online game being less consequent on WWE 2K20 mobile), it is clear that Take-Two has not slowed down its strategy.

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