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Reinventing a series is never easy. What to keep, what to remove? Make sure you don’t offend the fan while trying to give him something new and fresh. A daring, but often necessary bet. God of War 4 Mobile dares, better still, he goes to the end of his vision, even if it means incurring the wrath of some who would absolutely like to see in him only a new episode built around the same assets: a Hollywood staging, frenetic action and a vengeful hero. If in some ways, these ingredients are found in God of War 4 Mobile, Santa Monica Studio’s game goes further, much further. Thus, like a Resident Evil 4, this new segment of the Kratos epic breaks certain conventions established since the beginning of the saga and if it is highly likely that the episode will be subject to many debates and criticisms, one thing is obvious, we are dealing here with an authentic masterpiece.

It will have taken five years to achieve this result. Five years during which Cory Barlog and his teams will have reviewed everything, from the gameplay to the scenario and the orientation of the game. However, everything in God of War 4 Mobile is a balancing act as it keeps the essence of the series while looking further. Indeed, beyond the technical and artistic aspects that make this episode one of the most beautiful games of PS4, God of War 4 Mobile does not deny at any time its origins or even what took place in the previous opus. However, it would have been simpler to wipe out the past and reboot the saga, except that here, the ingenuity lies precisely in the fact that Barlog has cleverly used the mythology of the series to mix it with the Nordic one in order to make Kratos a central actor, as much in Midgard as in the eight other worlds that make up Odin’s kingdom. It is therefore logical that the developers wanted to take a greater interest in the character by developing his personality.

God of War 4 Mobile The Last Of Zeus

In spite of his divine nature, he fell under the sense of being interested in the human side of Kratos as well as the desire to tell a deeper and equally intense story through Kratos’ quest for redemption and the initiatory journey he will undertake with his son Atreus following the death of his wife. If one could fear that this aspect would, in the end, be nothing more than a clumsy resurgence of The Last of Us, the way in which the screenplay was thought out is astonishing, as it naturally allows itself to be followed by numerous clashes with ogres, trolls and other legendary creatures. Intelligent, the narrative oscillates at every moment between emotion, brutality and humour, through excellent dialogues that mostly play on Atreus’ playful reactions contrasting with Kratos’ more restrained ones. However, this God of War 4 Mobile never pours into easy emotion (despite certain obligatory passages) and even has a personality that suits it perfectly.

And here lies the genius of the scriptwriters who have found the right balance between tasty dialogue, often very funny, poignant scenes, but also epic passages that are wearing out the hallucinating staging, one of the strong points of the series since its beginnings. In fact, for a little over 25 hours (necessary to complete the main story), we witness a balanced adventure whose goal is not to redefine a character, but to explain how his past should not influence his present and his son’s future. From then on, the quality of the game is also due to the fact that Cory Barlog has tried at all costs to question himself on a credible evolution for Kratos while allowing himself some ellipses that could frustrate some. How long did it take between God of War III and God of War 4 Mobile? How did Kratos meet his wife? How did she manage to calm the bubbling fury he had accumulated over the years? None of this is clearly explained to us except that through some of Kratos’ reflections on the gentleness, intelligence and strength of character of his wife, an image is created in the player and one ends up feeling as if one knows one’s better half. Yes, the story of God of War 4 Mobile stands out from the other opuses, because we are talking about a family story, about education so that Atreus does not reproduce his father’s mistakes. If you’re hoping to discover a story about gods, go ahead. Of course, the gods are present, but they are not the central element of the story despite the journey of our heroes punctuated by confrontations against some of them.

God of War 4 Mobile


Moreover, it is the coherence of the universe that forces respect. Everything in God of War 4 Mobile makes sense, everything is interconnected and designed to prolong the pleasure of playing. Thus, just the gigantic hub formed by the Lake of Nine will open the way to several side quests which, without being exciting, will allow you to visit new places as sublime as those seen during the main quest. The way to bring these little extras will also be praised, either through dwarves asking you for services, treasure maps, ghosts asking for our help or Atreus very often pushing his father to go exploring. Logical given the boy’s impetuosity and practical to remind the player that there is no hurry, that he has time to go at his own pace. As a kind of leitmotiv, this God of War 4 Mobile likes to take his time thanks to a more open, more contemplative universe or more difficult fights asking the players to use all the gameplay subtleties to get out of it without too many clashes.


It was no less necessary for the artists of Santa Monica to give free rein to their overflowing imagination. If the bestiary seems slightly less consequent than those of the other opuses, most of the creatures are imposing, from the troll to the werewolf or the vagabonds, engulfed in their armour and lethal to the point of making each of these encounters pieces of the anthology. Of course, this also includes special effects and the skilful use of slow-motion to accentuate Kratos’ fury and the power of his blows.

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