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Lumberjack's Dynasty Mobile

Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile is a simulation game developed and published by the Austrian studio Toplitz Productions.

You know the Toplitz studio, they have to their credit many exciting games and they are mostly simulation games.

Concerning Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile, it is to be more precise, a little less than a “life simulation game” and a lot more than a “job simulation game” (that of a lumberjack).

I should mention that when I played Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile, the game was in early access. But hey, there’s so much to do already that I didn’t even realize it. I discovered it when I was writing this text and was looking at the game’s page.

There is so much to do and discover about Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile that I won’t be able to write about it all, I’ll just mention the points that stood out for me. If you want more, no problem.

Introduction to Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile

When you were young, you spent all your vacations with your Aunt Grace and Uncle Charles. You are very close to them and they to you, you are the son they never had.

In Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile You have just graduated with a Master’s degree in Sociology and not knowing what to do with your life, your Aunt Grace invited you to spend a few weeks with them to help them sell their sawmill… which you accepted.

As soon as you arrive, you have to go and help your uncle who has problems with his tractor. He asks you to move it, to cut a tree, to remove the branches and to load the trunk in the trailer… to throw it in the river.

Lumberjack's Dynasty Mobile


Your aunt then gives you a quick tour of the sawmill, encouraging you to fix it up (the barn, the greenhouse and the house) and your uncle gives you his pickup truck named … Christine (no doubt a reference to the book by S. King Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile).

The next day, several “missions” are in Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile such as starting to repair the buildings of the sawmill, seeing who is the guy who hides near the river (it’s the mayor who fishes and wants to be left alone, you will befriend him, he will teach you how to fish and will give you a fishing rod), doing a favour to a neighbour (who will pay you by giving you an old tractor) who will then send you to another neighbour to whom you will also do a favour (and will give you a trailer in return).

The night starts to arrive, it’s time to go to bed.

Some points about the game

Life is not only about bartering (work for reward), you also have to produce, sell and buy. Luckily for you, Christine has unlimited gas and so do the nails in your nail gun.

It looks like afterwards, you’ll be able to cook and seduce your neighbours’ daughters, get married and have kids… great!

What would be nice is also to replant trees, to make him take a shower from time to time and to change his clothes (so don’t arrive by bus with your hands in your pockets but with a backpack and a change of clothes).

For the integration of Steam elements, for the moment, there is nothing… neither successes nor maps… but it should not belong. Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile is available in two languages (English and German), only. Another thing that would be nice is to open the Steam workshop for the rather resourceful fans to add modules!

My conclusion

I really like the principle of this independent game, the fact that you can live the life of another person and this in a playful way. I think it’s great. After, some people complain about problems here and there, but well, the game is not finished yet, it’s normal!

So what do you think? I really like Lumberjack’s Dynasty Mobile, so I encourage you to download this game below, it is available on both Android & iOS, you’ll have fun, I assure you!

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