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FIFA 21 Mobile is available on Android & iOS.

Discover our test for FIFA 21, Electronic Arts’ new football simulation! Has EA Sports managed to turn it around, having already been punished with a yellow card following its disappointing results last year?

About FIFA 21 Mobile

On PCs and consoles, like last year, we find the big match between PES and FIFA. A duel that has taken hold of FIFA, which has been the king of football games for more than 11 years, for a few years now.

But FIFA is in trouble after many seasons of uncontested reign. Last year, we were not even seduced by FIFA 20. So it was with a lot of anxiety that to explore this new edition, we put on the studs.

There was no justification for being really optimistic, whether it was the lack of a demo or the return of the first influencers.
Is FIFA going to handle this year to avoid relegation? We will see this right away with our FIFA 21 Mobile test!

Fifa 21 Mobile

FIFA 21 Mobile Gameplay

It is not in this FIFA 21 Mobile, as far as gaming is concerned, where you will be transcended. Because, indeed, there are almost no novelties. All are based on the assault in this latest iteration to set the “simulation” behind and concentrate on the show and the improbable. Thus, to become still more’ mad’ and quick to execute, the technical movements are tested and upgraded. For those that are used to overdoing it, especially in small spaces, this is going to be a delight.

You can also launch races with one player and control the call for a second after a one-two with the right stick. In FIFA 21 Mobile, a second “race” system is present, where you can now target a player by pressing L3 and R3 to monitor only the latter and making your own call. The AI would then take steps to make you reach a millimetre.

Alas, we’re in FIFA 21 Mobile, and the AI isn’t effective at all. Thus, this novelty (which is a good idea) doesn’t really work most of the time, and that’s a pity.


Although the Volta mode last year was a piece of fantastic news, the content of FIFA 21 Mobile remains the same. First of all, with a revamped GUI and a slow anecdotal tale modern which closes within 2h30, we will have this famoso Volta mode. Then you can play multiplayer and cooperative matches with ranks or even play solo to try and earn your player new customization prizes, which you can boost through a skill-tree as you always do.

Frankly, while Volta is really fun to play again and has a brand new, good menu, it is just the same as last year. Only the new locations in Paris, Dubai and Milan will feature, including the 5V5 in the FIFA 21 Mobile Street mode. On the other side, there is nothing new to be said in terms of the development, the player customisation or the other modes of the game in Volta.

There’s Clash mode, though, which helps you to receive some credit, experience points for your player and even cosmetic accessories for your character, but that’s all beyond that. But don’t spit in the soup, this Volta mode has the arcade and the advanced gameplay completely implemented, which is not bad, even though you are easy to transform again into other typical FIFA 21 Mobile modes because you can get it easily.

With respect to the other modes, we are running the career mode, which has introduced a few additional characteristics without modifying its already strong foundations. In reality, as you simulate weekdays, the title now provides training sessions for your players. This helps the replacements to do better and strengthen their shape and edge while they are played.

New Changes?

If, as the launches of the next gene consoles close, you think that FIFA 21 Mobile will change everything, the response is a major no. Indeed, though still available, the construction of the game is still arcaded and at best relatively simple, which helps you to move the chain way too soon. In the other hand, you sense a much more composite side and players put a little more foot or take balls over the previous shutter too quickly. Nothing new to say otherwise, though.

However, two welcome news stories, that of fineness and imaginative artwork, will be kept. The first new feature is more quickly dribbled as you pass forward and now R1, while the second feature is used to abandon your teammate after a one-two. These two new additions are well incorporated so simplify it even further. In comparison, the artistic races are only anecdotal, since they are not quite intuitive.


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