Efootball PES 2021 Mobile For Android apk & iOS

Efootball PES 2021 Mobile

Efootball PES 2021 Mobile Mobile is finally available on Android & iOS.

Don’t you wish if you could play the latest and greatest Efootball PES 2021 Mobile on your smartphone?

well, you are definitely in the right website because a team of extremely smart Devs gathered around and figured out how to port and call it PES 2021 Mobile on both Android and iOS.

About Efootball PES 2021 Mobile

The arrival of new consoles is often synonymous with a transition for video games. We are used to saying, and we can see it in practice, that games that exploit the capacity of consoles come out much later. And large licences are no exception to the rule. While EA and 2K have chosen to release FIFA 21 and NBA 2K21 on both generations of consoles, thus sacrificing the new features that could be expected on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Serie X, especially in terms of graphics, Konami has decided to play fair, by offering an update of efootball PES 2020 Mobile launched in September 2019. Is it a simple update with the player data and the numbers of the new 2020-2021 season? Not quite, I would say it’s more like a GOTY at a very low price. And that’s good, since I missed the previous version. Here is the test of efootball PES 2021 Mobile.

Game System

The real name of the game is eFootball PES 2021 Mobile Season Update. So, for those of you who did not follow the name change, you should know that Konami decided last year, to change the name of its football game, to reinforce the eSport side of the game to the general public. I for one find it confusing. In fact, when I first heard about eFootball PES 2021 Mobile, I thought it was a mobile version of the title. In short, players will continue to use the term PES amongst themselves. What do you think about this?

Efootball PES 2021 Mobile
Efootball PES 2021 Mobile

Konami has taken advantage of the change to rename the PES League to eFootball Open, a competition open to all console football fans, and to create eFootball Pro, this time for clubs and professional players only.

This edition will use the PES 2021 Mobile eFootball gaming system with all the technical adjustments made over the last season. There are also new players and jerseys, as well as new data on all the players and football clubs. However, as the game was released on 17 September, i.e. before the end of the mercato which ended on 5 October 2020, this edition will need a new update to really reflect the reality of the transfer market.

Up to date data, certainly, but with fewer licences, since Konami has not renewed those of the AC Milan and Inter Milan teams. Unfortunately, we come to this recurring problem with PES, which juggles each year according to the partnerships between the clubs and the Japanese publisher, whereas its direct competitor seems to take it all.

You will tell me that PES 2021 Mobile has been benefiting for years from the work of the community to correct this problem with unofficial patches? On PS4 and PC, it’s true, but not on Xbox One. In my case, I’ll have to settle for what there is.

This opus directly introduces the UEFA EURO 2020 game mode, which was postponed to 2021 (it was offered for download since June 2020 for owners of eFootball PES 2021 Mobile). Holder of the exploitation rights, Konami is therefore the only football simulation to be able to offer us this European competition with the European Cup’s dressing and the 24 national teams involved in the final phase.

PES 2021 Mobile Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, what is pleasantly shocking after having spent several years on FIFA is to see a game that develops through construction with very varied gameplay phases, especially in attack. The construction is not as fast as on FIFA, but the parts seemed more realistic, and the feeling of heaviness that I had seen in the previous opus, seems to have been erased.

It took me a little time to get used to the gameplay and the stopping phases. But in the end, I really enjoyed playing and especially seeing the slow-motion replays from all angles. Even if I find that the game remains very punishing when you lose the ball in the middle of the field.


The soundtrack fits perfectly to the atmosphere of a football match and the menu playlist is quite suitable without being sensational. However, the other weak point after the lack of licence is Darren Tulett’s comments, which still don’t live up to the title. If GrĂ©goire Margotton is right in your intonation and in the nature of his remarks, the same cannot be said of his English counterpart. It’s badly written and overplayed. Please Konami, can you make an effort on that side? And don’t replace him with Omar da Fonseca. Every time there’s a match with him, I skip it.


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