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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile

Our sofas still remember it: the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile series is an apostle of the buddy-buddy marathon, the emissary of uninhibited fun that has brightened up many evenings with packets of chips and spilt cokes. At the beginning of December, La Nintendo Switch is hosting Ultimate, an episode that we hope to get everyone to agree on.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile Characters

“They’re all here!” is verbatim Nintendo’s exact words. Not a single character is missing, while new ones have joined the party. There are no less than 74 characters available, three of which are customisable (Miis) and the Pokémon trainer counts as one, while his three Pokémons are characters in their own right. An extraordinary number that reminds us that the title of Sora LTD and Bandai Namco is not afraid to go too far. Although we note the presence of a few pseudo-clones (called echoes, number 7), they have enough differences to make the most of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile. For example, a Marth is efficient with the tip of his sword while Lucina does more homogeneous damage, which totally changes the way of apprehending combos and ejections. From swordsmen to hand-to-hand specialists, from snipers to aerial pirouettes, it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. Newcomers include the wrestling Pokémon Félinferno, Marie from Animal Crossing, the eagerly awaited Ridley, an Inkling girl or boy, King K. Rool and Simon Belmont from Castlevania, not to mention the echo characters (Ken, Richter, Daisy, Samus Sombre). Difficult to describe them all, but at the editorial office we have a preference for Simon Belmont and his special attacks that come straight from his series, perfect for keeping enemies at bay. With such a roster, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile offers a range of possibilities never seen before, thanks to which players can find a character to their liking, or even several. A first major feat for the Nintendo brawler!


Still in the “Out of Competition” family, the number of courses is 103, not counting the Battlefield and Final Destination variations available for each of them in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile. A figure is so staggering that it is self-sufficient. Between the classic arenas, the moving arenas and the trapdoors, the pleasure seems endless! Admittedly, unlike the characters, not all the stages in the previous opus made the trip, with Melee’s Pokéfloat among the absent ones for example. However, we can already recognize an incredible work on the part of the developers, especially when it was necessary to update and in HD those of episodes 64, Melee or even 3DS. An interesting new feature in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile Smash mode (the “versus” of the series): you can choose a morphing option to switch from one course to another in the middle of a fight! Perfect to bring variation without necessarily stopping the game each time.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile

Smash mode

Since we were talking about Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile Smash mode, you should know that the rules of combat are even deeper and more complex than before, with the possibility of influencing many points, from the most important to the most anecdotal. The choice of objects that can appear and their rate, victory conditions, handicapper character, ejection power… it would take too long to try to list everything here, but nothing is missing. The special Smashes even allow transformation variants such as metal characters, for example, an additional alternative even if one would have liked to have the choice per fighter to allow “scenarios”. Finally, the Smash mode allows the organisation of offline tournaments as well as matches up to eight.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile Gameplay

We end up talking about gameplay, a very important subject in the series. Indeed, unlike most fighting games, Smash Bros. involve physics in many areas. Each character has specific characteristics of weight, speed, jumping or aerial movements, a list that is far from being exhaustive. Depending on the opus, general variations have been applied to each of these parameters, with a Melee of frightening speed and a very “floating” Brawl to name a few known examples. In a game that consists mainly of sending the other characters as far away from the stage as possible, each change is of paramount importance. Our verdict for Ultimate? For us, it is the best gameplay in the series, without a doubt possible. Its fluid, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile offers lively battles with less floating characters and increased speed of movement. We feel much more power in each of our moves, for a result full of pep!

The aerial dodges over longer distances will make life easier for beginners even if they prove easier to punish for veterans. The “perfect guards” are made when the shield is released rather than when it is activated, which changes a lot of things in terms of timing. You should also be aware that Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile, as a general rule, these same shields seem less resistant than before, which probably limits a little more the defensive play at a high level in case the muzzles were not enough. But the most impressive thing about Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile is that it succeeds in offering gameplay that makes it both fun and competitive, with different layers of learning. We’re faced with a mix between immediate fun (especially with the objects, Pokémon and Help Trophies) and high-level requirements, forcing players to create their combo on the fly according to the weight of the opponent and the percentage of damage. Note however that it is highly recommended to play with a GamePad Pro or GameCube controller (via adapter) if you want to play at a good level, as Joy-Con shows real weaknesses in terms of the stick and the layout of the buttons. Nothing absolutely dramatic, but let’s just say that playing in portable mode will not be optimal because of this, the technique is not to be questioned.

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