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Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile

Since its reboot in 2016, the animated series Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile has undergone a major adaptation into a video game. It was in 2017 and it hasn’t left an imperishable memory. No question of giving up the licence and Outright Games joins forces this time with the PHL Collective team to offer us, next October, Ben 10: The hunt for powers. Its particularity? It will make us evolve in an open world.

Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile and his aliens in the open world

The developers of PHL Collective are very familiar with the universe of Ben 10 since they have already delivered a certain Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile Omni-Charged to the owners of a virtual reality headset. Here no RV since Ben 10: Power Hunt (or Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile in VO) will take the features of a relatively classic action-adventure game. Except for one detail. This time, our hero will have the right to an open world for his new adventures, a rather large open world if we consider the young audience for whom the game is intended.

Saving the world from Hex’s shenanigans, the scenario will not have originality as a guideline but will opt for a relatively free progression. During our session, we first took part in a mission in another dimension with Ben’s Inferno form, before returning to our world and riding around on a scooter (a trick that allows Ben to move quickly from one place on the map to another) to accomplish a few objectives in the nearby town. In fact, Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile will have its share of secondary challenges to complete, coins to collect, and missions to play in the desired order. Enjoyable freedom, regardless of the player’s age.

Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile

We go into action, solo or in pairs

Almost astonishing in his approach to his world, Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile is much less so when it comes to taking action. It is still very early to see this as a flaw, no, but we can already count on the fact that the game of PHL Collective will have a hard time seducing other players than Ben 10’s fans, who will thus have to deal with a basic system of attacks (single hit, strong hit), combos to trigger and dodges to use.

Of course, the particularity will lie in the different forms our hero will be able to adopt. For Inferno, for example, we were able to use the flamethrower to fight the enemies while making our way along an otherwise inaccessible path. Again, it’s relatively classic, but the powers of each form of Ben 10 will have that quality of offering a bit of variety.

We also got a glimpse of our hero’s improvement system and his forms, with points to be divided between Health, Power and Luck over the course of the game. Still, on the subject of ingredients which do not revolutionise the genre but which have the merit of being present in the game, we note the possibility of changing shapes on the fly (thanks to a wheel via the left stick) or the opportunity to invite a friend to join our session (in drop-in drop-out) to play as a couple on the same screen.

Created in 2005 by the Man of Action collective, the young superhero Ben 10 has been regularly continued and rebooted by Cartoon Network. He also made regular appearances on our home consoles.

This is once again the case with the upcoming arrival of Ben 10: Power Trip! In this new game, Ben, his cousin Gwen and their grandfather Max are on a journey to the Old Continent when their enemy, the Wizard Hex, unleashes the destructive power of 4 crystals. Thanks to the powers of the Omnitrix, Ben is the only one able to counter this threat. You will have to solve various puzzles between two combat sessions in the different levels of the game. It is also possible to play as a pair in a local game by playing the character of Kevin Levin.

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