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The PS5 Emulator Mobile arrived at the editorial office almost a fortnight ago, which has already enabled us to give you our first impressions of various aspects of Sony’s new next-gen console: the DualSense controller, its integrated Astro’s Playroom title and the overall package, in particular. After a few days of in-depth testing, it’s time to take stock of this PS5 Emulator Mobile.

About the PS5 Emulator Mobile

PS5 Emulator Mobile is the Sony PlayStation 5 video game emulator and debugger for free and open-source video game development. Currently, the PS5 Emulator Mobile runs on operating systems such as Android & iOS and allows PS5 to be played and debugged on a mobile device. The programming language for X86-64 CPUs is written in C++, and OpenGL and Vulkan are its back end renderers.

Next-Gen Design

We’ve already taken a good look at it, but the PlayStation’s PS5 Emulator Mobile design is accompanied by a new and particularly original look that contrasts with the usual black tones of the brand’s new consoles. Behind the futuristic white shell design, there are a few practical and visual changes, but the machine retains its basic elements: the front features a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C socket (which is also the new standard for connecting the charging cable for the DualSense controller, by the way), two other USB Type-A ports on the back, as well as the classic Ethernet ports, connection for the HDMI cable and support for the charging cable. The buttons for ejecting the disc and turning on the console are also located on the front. With the exception of the USB-C port, the console is therefore very similar to the PS4 in terms of connectivity.

The main difference with its predecessor from a practical point of view is that you can choose to put the console upright or lying down thanks to an integrated base that can be adapted to the required configuration. Despite this good idea, it should be noted that the PS5 Emulator Mobile is neither very intuitive nor very practical to set up. Fortunately, most gamers will not often need to switch from one mode to the other, but the special shape of the PS5 Emulator Mobile does not necessarily make it easier for them to do so. On the other hand, and if the design is up to you, the most observant will undoubtedly like the detail on the inside of the shell and on the back of the DualSense, on which you will find a succession of discreetly engraved cross, square, round and triangle signs. A detail, of course, but one that is no less pleasing.

DualSense Controller on PS5 Emulator Mobile

As we mentioned a few lines ago, Sony is giving us a new controller for its generation change with the DualSense. Bearing several technological promises, this one manages, in particular, the haptic return, dedicated to bringing new joystick sensations such as the feeling of heaviness of a vehicle driving in the mud. It also has adaptive triggers, whose tension adapts according to the situation to offer, for example, greater resistance when shooting with a bow, and an integrated microphone that can be used for gameplay or conversation. To test all this PS5 Emulator Mobile in-game, the ideal title is all there: Astro’s Playroom is directly integrated into the console and is designed for DualSense in order to exploit all its possibilities. If some ideas are classic (integrated microphone to blow on an object, touchpad to buckle a zip), the two main novelties of the machine are perfectly used by other mechanics: we were particularly seduced by the frog mechanism, which combines gyroscope (to orientate the character), haptic feedback (giving an impression of heavier weight on the side where you bend the controller) and adaptive trigger (with more or less important force feedback when you engage the spring to jump). While haptic feedback is pleasant, our preference is more towards trigger force feedback, which seems to have great potential in many styles of play, from racing to shooting on this PS5 Emulator Mobile.

PS5 Emulator Mobile

Overall, with PS5 Emulator Mobile Astro’s Playroom perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of DualSense, capable of offering truly unique sensations and acting as a real surprise. Having said that, we still have to be cautious about the future of this pad, which is confirmed by our handling of a Miles Morales pad which certainly offers a good feeling on the vibrations, but which shows much less important exploitation of the controller’s capacities. We have fewer doubts on the fact that the big internal Sony Studios (Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, to name only a handful) will try to exploit the whole thing to the maximum, but we will also have to judge this DualSense in the long run on its exploitation by third-party publishers. However, this one has never seemed so solid and ideal in terms of proportion, offering what is probably the most convincing grip on a brand’s controller. Last but not least, the micro-USB port for charging the DualShock 4 is this time replaced by a USB Type-C.


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