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It was a hot summer for all NBA 2K21 Mobile fans. One of the biggest Free Agencies in history, all-star trios and duos formed all over the United States, which is great as the new championship approaches. And to wait until October 22nd, resumption of the regular season, the sports simulation giant NBA 2K is releasing its new iteration. While 2K19 has refined its gameplay to become the best-selling episode of the franchise, many are waiting for the new career mode of NBA 2K21 Mobile announced as more free and realistic. On the other hand, players’ fears of ever more invasive microtransactions are weighing on the title, which must react in this respect. Obviously, we were anxious to know whether the rebound is offensive or defensive.

About NBA 2K21 Mobile

If you like basketball, you can’t say that the season just passed in the NBA didn’t delight you. From Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dominance in Milwaukee to the Raptors title to Kawhi’s shootout against the Sixers, everything was there to experience the emotions of US basketball. And then came the Draft. And then came THE Free-Agency. And then a long void. Too long. But the World Cup came, before the usual NBA 2K21 Mobile release by Visual Concepts. A providential return to diving back into the neighbourhood and slap big dunks and shoots at the buzzer. But what to propose this year to satisfy the purists of the orange ball?

NBA 2K21 Mobile Gameplay

Well already the official licences, my captain. Signatories of a new XXL contract with the NBA 2K21 Mobile (more than a billion dollars over seven years), Take-Two and Visual Concepts can look forward to replicating players and franchises that makeup content that’s getting more and more filled every year. So we find the 30 teams in the league, the 5 major All-Time majors of each franchise and a monstrous western conference in terms of general level. Didn’t the previous opus propose new historical teams? Corrected this season, with 65 legendary compositions compared to 62 previously. It should be noted that some of them have been put away like the Hawks of 70-71, replaced by more modern teams (The Suns of 02-03 with Shawn Marion, the Wizards of 06-07, the Blazers version 2009 with Nico Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Clippers Lob City era). So we will be able to have a delicious remake of the 2016 final between the Warriors with 73 wins in the regular season and the LeBron James Cavaliers infusion with Kyrie Irving. On the player’s side, the pickiest players will notice the progress of some stars who stick to reality. Blake Griffin has taken his outside shot up a notch, Rudy Gobert is even more solid, crowned with his second title of defender of the year… Changes that can be felt in a match, so you have to be up to date so as not to be surprised.

Who Dunk The World?

But the addition that made the most noise in the pre-season was the WNBA, the major league’s female leaning. However, we must give credit where credit is due, and remember that NBA 2K21 Mobile follows in the footsteps of NBA Live 18. The competitor had integrated this license two years ago, and remains ahead in the possibilities of the feature: it is not possible to create or modify a player for the moment on 2K19. Unsurprisingly, the addition is still more polished than on the EA Sports version and has more technical power. The 12 teams are playable in fast and seasonal games, and unlike a FIFA where the gameplay of women’s football changes in its rhythm and precision, the WNBA offers more or less the same way of playing like the NBA. We’ll just regret that it doesn’t go as far as the My Career mode for example. The fault is forgiven while waiting for next season, we will just underline that the stars like Candace Parker or Elena Delle Donne but also most of the players are perfectly modelled like their male counterparts. As a bonus, the French Marine Johannes is present at the head of the New York Liberty, supported by her compatriot Bria Hartley.

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Viva La RevoluciĆ³n

With the numerous slow-motion replays proposed in NBA 2K21 Mobile during the first games, we are not surprised by the visual quality, which has been increased by a (small) notch. The effects of light and reflections on the parquet floor are clearly visible, and the faces are even neater. This is even more striking once the My Career mode and its prelude have been launched. Guests-stars of this episode are Idris Elba (Luther, Thor, Mandela: A Long Way to Freedom) who, failing to play the next James Bond, plays Ames, the university coach, and Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Daredevil/Luke Cage, Sept Vies) as Isa, advisor and confidante of our future draftee. Scripted content that alternates cinematic and game phases before entering the big league.

Signed SpringHill Entertainment, responsible for feature films on a sport such as More Than a Game or the documentary What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali, the prelude is a success. It portrays a young player, a university captain who defends one of his seriously injured teammates who was kicked off the team by the coach. A rebellion that will earn the hero the nickname “Che”. Not overly cautious, the story raises real fundamental questions about the player’s place in relation to institutions, the emotional sacrifices to be made, and the distance to be taken to become a professional. No wonder, when you consider that LeBron James is in production. Less frustrating than Spike Lee’s, less extravagant than 2K18’s, less dull than last season’s, it’s arguably the best prelude since NBA 2K21 Mobile tried its hand at career writing. The characters avoid overdoing it and falling into caricature, even Axel Walden, roommate and a promising rookie who is … French.

Whereas the previous scenarios had us entering the NBA through the small door (after having worked as a DJ, being undrafted, starting abroad, etc.), the prelude of NBA 2K21 Mobile thus succeeds in being convincing while the process is classic: University, NBA combines, tries in 3 teams, Draft, Summer League. If the steps are properly carried out, the league is integrated by being more or less high up in the Draft. Three little drawbacks: the fact that you choose your starting team (which is not very realistic), the timing of the Draft is a bit sloppy and the fact that the scene comes to an abrupt end once the season has started. Of course, the useless cinematics is less present, but we would have liked to see again the endearing characters of the prelude.

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