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Mario Kart 8 Mobile

While the Nintendo Switch was designed as a multi-console, now a flagship game of its kind is on the horizon. Mario Kart 8 Mobile on Android & iOS is the ultimate version of the episode released on Wii U in 2014, and the least we can say is that the bet is a success!

About Mario Kart 8 Mobile

The basic principle, we know it by heart: wild kart races where you swing the worst dirt and hope not to get a blue shell just before the finish line. In this respect, Mario Kart 8 Mobile is already a success, undoubtedly one of the best opuses of the series. The good thing is that with this Deluxe version, all the content is boosted with all the DLCs already included on the cake. Not sure that this is missing, because with 48 circuits not counting the Mirror versions, we have more than enough diversity! We’re in the same boat in terms of characters with 41 pilots, not counting the Miis. We also note the arrival of newcomers, King Boo and the Splatoon Inklings.

Mario Kart 8 Mobile gameplay novelties, the ability to store two options at the same time, as in Double Dash, risks causing even more carnage on the track, clearly benefiting from turnarounds for even more fun. As is often the case, the chance factor has a strong impact on the final result, but we expect no less from Mario Kart 8 Mobile. But there is a third level of mini-turbo on the skids, the purple one, which is long to come out but terribly efficient. Since it is possible to play a little bit on the turns to make it more efficient, this purple mini-turbo remains a little bit more technical than the Fire Hopping (action of jumping after a mini-turbo to prolong its effect), the latter having been removed from the game, which is no worse seen that it didn’t bring anything concrete.

Gameplay Mechanics

For those new to the game, Mario Kart 8 Mobile is thinking of including a sort of automatic mode in which the car follows the road by itself, without leaving the track. Yes, on paper, it looks like pure cheating, but you have to admit that this option is reserved for players who are really not used to video games and who want to have a bit of fun without feeling like they’re mowing the lawn for 10 minutes two laps behind the others. This mode prohibits the use of the purple mini-turbo, by the way.

Technical driving enthusiasts, for their part, will no doubt be happy to find the 200cc mode directly integrated, including in Time Trial. The feeling of speed is really impressive and the improved braking makes the mode more accessible than before, even if it remains reserved for experienced players. In any case, you will be surprised to see how fluid and beautiful Mario Kart 8 Mobile is, even at the top of your lungs! The scenery is well thought out, the colours are brilliant and despite the huge number of elements on the screen, the title manages the feat of always remaining clear. 1080p, 60 fps with a very good realisation, that’s all we asked for and Mario Kart 8 Mobile succeeds in its job with brilliance!

Mario Kart 8 Mobile

In Mario Kart 8 Mobile But if all these small additions are already very welcome, it is the Battle mode that will have benefited from the most accomplished work. Five different game modes playable in eight special arenas, with the possibility of customising the number of rounds, objects, types of vehicles allowed and much more. The Balloon Battle is always effective, the Coin Battle is more tactical, the Bob-Ombs are a merry mess and the Sun Capture mode allows you to vary the experience a little. The newcomer, Tracking on the Track, is just as much fun as the other modes: six karts play policemen and six karts play thieves. When the thieves are captured, they are caged, but the other thieves can try to free them.Mario Kart 8 Mobile If they are all captured at the same time, the round ends, of course. A really fun little cat and mouse game to play even if it seems to lack a bit of balance, in favour of the thieves at the moment. In the spirit, it has been a long time since we had such a pleasant and above all complete battle mode, even if it wouldn’t have been too much to be able to do battles at less than 12. Indeed, you can’t choose the number of participants and the AI fills the holes, whatever happens.

To conclude, if Mario Kart 8 Mobile is already a must-have in the multi racing game, it also benefits from the Switch’s specificities, which can be played alone or with others in all possible configurations. Of course, with two people on a small screen, it can sometimes be complicated, but having the choice remains an excellent point, not forgetting that it remains one of the rare games that allow two players together to play online from the same console. In this respect, online offers Battle mode and Race mode, as well as the possibility of organising tournaments, which is very interesting for community gaming.

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