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GTA V Mobile has been released on Android & iOS and ApkCorner got you coveredd. If the sentence may seem trivial, the potential arrival of Rockstar’s blockbuster on this platform has unleashed passions and rumours about its release date since the end of 2013. PC gamers have waited all too long, so it’s time to deliver our verdict on this “Definitive Edition” version.

Back to San Andreas! Nine years after telling us C.J.’s story in the seedy neighbourhoods of Los Santos, Rockstar awakens his virtual Los Angeles, as he did with Liberty City in GTA V Mobile. Reinvented, rethought, the city of angels has become immense. Sign of the aspirations of the project, a terrifying area is hidden by the map, without any measure in common with the Scottish team’s previous open world. The whole Hollywood (Vinewood in the game) is there, and if the urban area only covers about 20% of the map, the remaining 80% is nothing like an abandoned flora. Each pixel is likely to host an activity, be it human or animal, from the Grand Senora desert, a veritable third world populated by coyotes to Blaine County, prized by climbing enthusiasts and other cable car tourists. And the heart of Los Santos is not to be outdone, rich in entertainment and reproducing well-known places such as Venice Beach or Downtown. Finish the story and GTA V Mobile will continue to live on, to the rhythm of its thousands of NPCs, swarming like bees in a monumental swarm that is gradually uncovering itself in the fog of war.

If you wish, GTA V Mobile becomes a real FPS!

The player controls three characters for the first time in the series history. A novelty that brings a lot of others and logically influences the progression and the scenario. At Michael’s command, we discover the life of a forty-year-old bank robber who owes his peaceful retirement to a deal with the equivalent of the FBI. Father of a mediocre family, Michael is in perpetual conflict with humanity. Incapable of taking responsibility for his actions, the owner of a small villa north of Los Santos is able to chain headshots together like John Marston in Red Dead Redemption in GTA V Mobile. Franklin is already further back. Child of the ghetto, he earns his living by selling cars and then… stealing them for his boss. A seasoned driver, his skill allows him to slow down time and zigzag through traffic at breakneck speed. Finally, Trevor is by far the most colourful character. A psychopath in his own right, a bloodthirsty killer, he lives in a trailer and shoots himself up with petrol. Uncontrollable, self-destructive and a threat to the whole world, he was a pilot in the army before being downgraded. Logically, his permanent hatred allows him to enter a trance that doubles the damage he causes and mitigates the damage he takes.

GTA V Mobile

In addition to these special abilities, which I believe are largely under-exploited during the adventure, each hero sees his characteristics evolve with practice. Run and you will become more enduring, dive and your apnea will develop, fly to master air transport … In fact, the game’s architecture is more complex than that of previous GTA V Mobile. Although they will cross paths again and again and work together, each person has their own life, their own habits, their own hideout. And in the interest of consistency, Rockstar has made sure that everyone keeps their own look, despite extensive customisation options. While Michael subscribes to suits and ties, Franklin looks more like a gangsta and Trevor looks more like a guy with no washing machine or fashion sense. Walk into a clothing shop and you can fix all that. The same goes for hair salons, which are back, and which adapt their offerings to the type you are. Changing your avatar is, therefore, possible, but breaking the coherence of the universe is not. And that’s fine. But by the way, how do you go from one to the other? A quick click on the diagonal switch will reveal a turn, and pick the bandit to incarnate. Out of mission, the operation is possible at any time but takes a good 20 seconds, the time it takes to unzoom and rezoom on the map. Closer than that, you die. The attention to detail is such that you always find the character in motion. For example, I’ve switched to Trevor when he was about to swing a guy from a bridge over the freeway or sleep in his underwear on a lost island in the middle of GTA V Mobile.


If GTA V Mobile includes 70 main missions of rare quality, the most striking are those involving Michael, Trevor and Franklin at the same time. And the richest and neatest are obviously the robberies, which require preparation, tactical choices and recruitment of reinforcements. I wish there were more, but a robbery can take three or four missions in advance before it can be carried out. At this rate, it’s not surprising that there isn’t a bunch of them. So, before you’re ready to rob a jewellery store or attack an armoured van, you’ll potentially need to stock up on ammunition, vehicles (from the most conventional to the most unlikely, such as a submarine), masks or coveralls, or even take pictures of the surveillance cameras or alarm location. Each element matters and the mission cannot start until you have prepared it all.Once you’ve got all the gear together, Lester, the brains of the gang, presents you with a picture-ridden board full of photos, data and various plans. After his explanation, it’s up to you to opt for one of the two proposed approaches, furtive or stealthy for example. A difficult choice which is not at all frustrating since all the missions of the game can be replayed, both to score and to succeed by adopting a different method.

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