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More than 6 years after its release, CS GO Mobile no longer has a reputation to be made and its evolution was the testimony of the adaptability of the teams in charge of its development. 19 years after the very first version made available to players, what has become of the rough diamond of the FPS, on which so many names have been made and thanks to which so many players have learned to love the competition and the strategic thrill that characterises matches on this emblem of online gaming. After having undergone its most substantial modification in recent weeks, embodied by a free-to-play passage and the introduction of Danger Zone, the title’s Battle Royale mode, a new inventory is needed to enlighten anyone who would like to know what has become of this title that the under-twenties… sometimes know with difficulty.

Significant Developments In CS GO Mobile

The main shortcoming of the CS GO Mobile was the cruel lack of content from its early days. Where CS: Source had the knack of highlighting a multitude of map modifications accessible to insiders, CS GO Mobile left with a rather weak number of available activities. Six years later, this shortcoming has fortunately been corrected and the title offers a wide range of game modes, from competitive to casual (for the classic anti-terrorist and terrorist hostage or bombing game) to deathmatch (where scoring is the only goal) or War Games, composed of popular variants within the modding community. These modes were joined in 2017 by Wingman, an intimate 2V2 version of the classic objective maps. More recently, Zone of Danger has joined the title, a Royal Battle, which we will talk about later in this test.

CS GO Mobile

Of course, the classic maps of CS GO Mobile are still there, joined by a flood of new maps such as Overpass, Mirage, Cache, or Austria, Biome, Subzero, Agency for the community maps “validated” by Valve. “But sometimes” we feature playlists with chart rotations while everyone, including many who game only Dust2, can find their way around, as there is a playlist to.”, which is quite funny. Jeux de Guerre has its own maps, created like arenas, often symmetrical. Formerly made up of two or three maps, they now include a dozen maps, which can be used on the Arms Race, Demolition or on the Flying Sniper variant, which is based on the principle of the ScoutzKnivez maps.

Regular Graphic Redesigns And Feature Additions

In terms of ergonomics and graphic design, CS GO Mobile has very quickly been able to keep up with the times, transforming its user interface and updating its graphics during its early years to stay in step with the competition. Clean, readable, practical and well-thought-out, today’s Global Offensive has little to do with the work released in August 2012 and many maps have been updated. The Steam workshop has also been integrated into the experience, making it easier for players who want to try out the maps generated by the community and who, Valve is well aware, are a real gold mine if you are looking for originality. You’ll find Surf maps, Western co-op maps, the iconic De_Rats from the 1.5/1.6 period and other Iceworld or AimMap maps. However, the biggest traffic of CS GO Mobile is no longer located around the maps, but around the skins…

A Thriving Marketplace

Introduced a few years after the initial release, the CS GO Mobile inventory allows the player to exchange conventional weapons for customised, reskinned or totally different versions, such as the R8 Revolver, which can replace the Desert Eagle, or the MP5 SD, which replaces the MP7. To win skins, all you have to do is play, and unlock lootboxes thanks to keys sold for between 90 cents and 2.20€, a practice that can be criticised, especially on a game that used to pay per purchase, all the more so as it generates a real parallel market where some weapon skins are sold for more than 1000 dollars. On the ethical side and the addictive drifts of the video game transformed into a gambling game, we will come back to this point. Now free to play, this slightly abusive practice of the loot box passes a little better with the community, all the more so as it welcomed the arrival of the Battle Royale mode, here called Danger Zone.

CS GO Mobile – Danger Zone

Named Danger Zone in French, Danger Zone is an intimate BR, with a maximum of 15 players, in which everyone must survive to take first place by surviving their opponents. Weapons and equipment are scattered all over the map, which is quite large for 15 players, and you will sometimes need certain tools to open the precious boxes and devices that allow you to carry more and more money with you. With the money, all you have to do is open your touch-sensitive tablet to order a weapon, which will be delivered by drones (if nobody steals it from you on the way) within a few tens of seconds. The arrival of the drone will of course reveal your position, and it is sometimes wise to follow the devices to hunt your prey. Flexible, rather varied in its tasks and accessible to all, Danger Zone is a perfect balance between the classic matches and the “small committee” Battle Royale, which is completed in about twenty minutes.

You only need to play 3 or 4 games in a row to realise that the title, through this BR variant, offers a very open angle, where the objects you find have a real impact on the short-term objectives you set yourself. For example, finding a secure suitcase gives you a target (marked on your map) whose elimination will bring you $500, a coquette sum that will perhaps allow you to have a Scout rifle delivered, a decisive element that will allow you to manage long-distance duels and thus offer an additional chance to survive the next clashes. You might want to spend this money on upgrading your tablet to better anticipate the progress of the red zone. In short, as you can see, this BR CS GO Mobile adopts an original formula that is particularly suited to short rounds that rarely look alike. All in all, Danger Zone is what CS GO Mobile players in need of a quickly acquired thrill have been missing.

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