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Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile

Who has never dreamed of leaving everything behind to go into exile on a desert island? Far from the hustle and bustle and problems to give themselves the chance to start all over again? That’s the promise that Nintendo makes to us with Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile. Gone are the days of the small seaside village, you are now one of the first to tread the sand of what will soon be your island. And for this new opus, the emphasis has been placed on customization with the appearance of crafting and terraforming. The other new feature that has slightly changed the pace of the game is the arrival of the objectives. Ready to live your best life?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile Story

For many enthusiasts, Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile serves as a refuge or even a small corner of paradise where it is good to live, dotted with benevolence. Without any pressure, you can make friends with your neighbours, take out interest-free mortgages with no due date, fish, garden, hunt for insects or carefree dig up fossils to help the museum expand its collection. That’s the story of Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile, with a little something new each time. In New Leaf, released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS, you could go on vacation and play a few mini-games.

The last one is more or less in the spirit of the series but gradually shakes up the game with a few new features. This time you find yourself on an almost virgin island and, as an island delegate, you have the task of bringing to life and making this small piece of land as attractive as possible in order to attract a maximum of travellers. As in the previous section, you manage the constructions and participate in the development of the stores. Here is the proposal, free to you to answer it or to make your life on your side, quietly.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile Resources

Who says desert island says nature in abundance. And if in the past we could already pick flowers, gather fruits and shells, Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile changes our relationship to our environment a little. Indeed, this episode sees the arrival of crafting. Our little villagers will be able to get their hands on a whole bunch of resources thanks to tools. For example, hacking a tree with an axe could earn you pieces of wood, just as banging your shovel against a rock could potentially bring you stone, iron ore and even on rarer occasions, gold. Now, if you eat a fruit you get superpowers, including the ability to uproot a tree with your shovel. “Eating five fruits and vegetables a day” has never been more effective.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile resources are not unlimited but are renewed every day. And if that’s not enough, you have the possibility, for a few miles (we’ll come back to that later), to buy yourself a getaway ticket. The latter allows you to travel with Dodo Airlines to an island. This one is unique and randomly generated, so don’t forget your stuff once you get there! These destinations are full of materials but also of fruits (sometimes different from the ones you have at home), marine animals, insects and you could very well come across fossils and even meet future neighbours. These trips have no restrictions and can be invoked endlessly. All you need is a valid ticket.

Build, Customize, Model

Once you have everything in your inventory, what do you do? Management sets it up, the first present at the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile in the resident’s office. There you will have access to all the resources in your inventory and the DIY plans you have. These can be acquired in a variety of ways: in bottles thrown into the sea, generously donated by residents, received as gifts in your mailbox, exchanged for Nook Miles, etc. These little cards contain recipes for creating objects. Once you learn them, you have them for life.

The interface is pleasant, the information is clear… In short, this new feature has been well thought out to integrate perfectly into the game. The choice of manufacturing extends greatly and even gracefully, as the days go by. First of all, you will find the basic tools such as the fishing rod, the axe, the shovel, the slingshot and the pole, to cross rivers and streams. These same accessories can be improved because, as already explained in our preview of a few weeks ago, the basic ones tend to break quickly. By the way, this is probably the first time I have ever felt frustration in an Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile. A bit like what you could feel in Breath of the Wild, after all.

As you progress through Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile, you’ll also have the opportunity to customize other items you’ve made or purchased, such as interior and exterior furniture and other decorative elements. For some of them, you can even add a design that you have designed. And since we’re talking about customization, a few very practical tools are making their entrance. The mirror, placed in your home, opens the same avatar editor as the one at the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile. You can change your haircut, skin and eye colour, and also choose your gender between boy and girl. Also, the slightest little cupboard offers, as in the fitting room of the Sisters-Fingers-De-Fairies fashion boutique, to test all our outfits in real time to perfect your style.

Terraforming, the ability to shape the terrain, comes much later in Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile. Nintendo is talking about a month of gameplay, a time we haven’t yet reached the test.

The Carrot And The Stick

Despite events and changing seasons, Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile could suffer from a lack of clear goals. It is not uncommon for players to drop out after one or two weeks of play. But that’s a thing of the past with the new Nook Miles point system. If you take out your Nook Phone, a new and indispensable tool, you will have a number of rather practical applications, including the one dedicated to Nook Miles. These are small short-, medium- and long-term goals that, once achieved, reward you with points. There are those that are more extended in time or daily like saying hello to all the inhabitants of the island, cutting down so many trees, bringing back so many fossils, welcoming so many inhabitants, etc. And those called Nook Miles + which are quickly achievable and are automatically replaced as soon as they are fulfilled: catching three insects, talking to three neighbours, planting a fruit tree, etc.

The list of things to do grows as you go along. Simply put, the more you do, the more things you have to accomplish. And it all becomes more varied as your actions and the island evolve. A nice progression that should prevent anyone from getting bored too quickly. So the pace of Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile changes greatly; before the number of tasks per day was quite limited. From now on, you can multiply the objectives to extend your session. Moreover, you are no longer punished when you change the date and time of your console to make your game progress faster… It’s a bit cheating, I admit, but it’s possible. The different multi modes should also prove to be an excellent way to progress faster by helping each other.

A Consequent Content

In addition to the Nook Miles that will punctuate your game, the variety of actions and activities makes the Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile experience truly complete. The number of things to do multiplies every day spent on the island and there is no doubt that we are not at the end of our surprises. Other types of resources are likely to appear, especially as the seasons and events unfold. The list of objects to build seems inexhaustible, even after three weeks of intensive play. Building bridges, stairs and terraforming seem to gain interest over time. Stores are also growing and the arrival of camping and events on the island also pushes us to improve it. Moreover, a rating in the form of stars indicates its reputation.

The dialogues between the different characters benefit from this iteration from greater diversity. This reinforces the illusion of dealing with deeper personalities and prevents them from repeating themselves too quickly. With your neighbours, you will learn new expressions, participate in birthday parties, contests, or do yourself some favors. Moreover, new faces make their appearances, in addition to those you already know. Same thing with the merchants and more precisely, the street vendors. But we leave you the pleasure of discovering Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile by yourself.

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